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In one of the corner shelves of Ali's bookstore, he keeps a couple of Sierra game catalogs for visitors to flip through and browse. In some of Sierra's game packages would be a game magazine advertising the line of games Sierra currently has to offer for sale, as well as upcoming games. There would be little summaries of the games, photos of the designers, types of systems it supported, and of course, the prices for these games when they were new! Some neat gems in the catalogs are the non-game products. For example, in the late 1980s, Sierra introduced a small home productivity line with a couple titles like HomeWord (a word processor) and Smart Money (a finance manager). Imagine a game company making such titles! Today, HomeWord and Smart Money are extremely hard to find. Like the Sierra newsletters and magazines, these catalogs also provide nice timelines to when games were made.

Catalog Preview Window

Besides regular catalog booklets, Sierra did release video catalogs for a while in the late 1980s and early 1990s. For a $4.95 shipping fee, you can get a free copy of Sierra's video catalog with previews of upcoming Sierra games. You could actually watch game previews on your television! This was Sierra's way of advertising their games with full animation and sounds with clips of the design team, Sierra, etc. (Now, we have multimedia game trailers on CD-ROM or via internet downloads.) A video tape usually has around 6 or 7 game previews, each lasting just several minutes. There were also demo cassette tapes for a $1.95 shipping fee! They were not actually catalogs but rather contained Sierra game songs played through Adlib and Roland MT-32 soundcards for comparisons.

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