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Sierra Planet - Laura Bow 2 Cast of Characters
Sierra Planet - Laura Bow 2 Cast of Characters
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Templeton compiled this lovely chart of the characters who appear in Laura Bow 2 along with a picture and brief description. The descriptions will not reveal who was guilty of the crimes committed in the game. You will have to figure that out while sleuthing!

Sam Augustini Sam Augustini The chief editor of the New York Daily Register News Tribune (NYDRNT). Perfectionist, tough man.
John Bow John Bow Laura Bow's father. Retired New Orleans police officer who taught Laura a lot about detective work.
Laura Bow Laura Bow The heroine of the game. Reporter and detective. Red-haired, lovely young woman. Wise, brave and resourceful.
Dr. Archibald Carrington III Dr. Archibald Carrington III The current president of the museum. Chubby, middle-aged spectacled man. No one knows him well, as he just recently came from England. Snobbish but dignified man.
Dr. Pippin Carter Dr. Pippin Carter The archaeologist who found the Dagger of Amon Ra. Dark-haired, tall English man. Braggart, arrogant, very unpleasant man.
Yvette Delacroix Yvette Delacroix Assistant of Dr. Carrington. Blond, beautiful, sensual, and passionate French woman. She is "fond" of many people -- not just men.
Steve Dorian Steve Dorian Stevedore. Works at the docks. Red-haired, muscular man. Nice, shy young man. In his spare time, he is amateur artist, who paints and sculptures with plaster.
Lo Fat Lo Fat The laundry owner. Nice, wise old Chinese man.
Wolf Heimlich Wolf Heimlich The security guard of the museum. Dark-haired, muscular man. Tough, dangerous. Impatient hot-headed German, who is fond of interrogation and torture methods of the Third Reich. You'd better not get in his way.
Ernie Leach Ernie Leach The janitor of the museum. Dark-haired. Preserved person.
Watney Little not
A dangerous criminal who recently escaped from Dartmoor prison. He was accused and convicted for fraud, conspiracy and larceny, but he won't hesitate to murder. He is an artist in impersonating people -- he might be one of the guests in the museum, under different name.
Henri Le Mort Henri Le Mort The coroner. Professional, veteran police official.
Dr. Olympia Myklos Dr. Olympia Myklos Anthropologist and Paleontologist. Sturdy and severe-looking, but not unattractive middle-aged Greek woman. Nice, learnt woman who is fond of reptiles and strong men with scars.
Rameses Najeer Rameses Najeer The accountant of the museum. Dark-haired, spectacled. Nice Egyptian man, maybe a little 'square'.
Detective Ryan Hanrahan O'Riley Ryan Hanrahan O'Riley The police officer assigned to investigate the theft of the Dagger. Red-haired, muscular, hot-headed, unpleasant Irish man. You'd better not upset him.
Crodfoller T. "Rhub" Rhubarb Crodfoller T. Rhubarb A reporter for the New York Daily Register News Tribune. Nice, chatty man.
Dr. Ptahsheptut "Tut" Smith Dr. Ptahsheptut Smith The representative of Cairo Museum. Fanatic Egyptian who will do ANYTHING in order to get the Dagger of Amon Ra back to Egypt. Chubby middle-aged man, always wears an ankh medallion.
Countess Lavinia Waldorf-Carlton Countess Lavinia Waldorf-Carlton A widow. Her husband, Sterling Waldorf-Carlton, the former president of the museum, died recently. Snobbish old lady who always tries to make impression on everyone.
Lawrence "Ziggy" Ziegfeld Lawrence Ziggy Ziegfeld The owner of the speakeasy. Dangerous, low-life creep. Short, bald, shifty-looking man. As an underworld character, he has "connections" everywhere, and can be a valuable informant, for the right price. You'd better stay away from him.

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